Leadership is hard, and the workplace is always changing. At GREAT Leaders, we challenge, inspire, and equip you to lead with the excellence the 21st century marketplace requires and your team deserves. Our mission is simple: to lead the leaders at all stages of maturity, from emerging to aspiring to seasoned and everywhere in-between. We do this by training leaders to become more Gritty, Relational, Equipped, Authentic, and Transformational. These five tenets comprise a GREAT Leader.

GRITTY: Leading Yourself

You are the hardest person you will ever lead, and all of your leadership flows out of how you lead yourself… so it really matters! Becoming Gritty means growing your long-term tenacity, perseverance, and toughness, and GREAT Leaders will equip you with the tools you need for dynamic personal leadership growth, helping you become a stronger and grittier leader. Our Gritty preparation focuses on the importance of humility, the discipline of intentionality, practicing margin, growing self-awareness, listening well, and more.

RELATIONAL: Leading Others

In a free society, people have a choice about who they want to follow, so leaders use their influence to move their teams from “here” (which is not working) to “there” (which is much better). They do this by gaining the trust of the people on their teams. GREAT Leaders will give you the Relational tools you need for forming and leading powerful teams over the long-haul. Our Relational topics include such as things as understanding leadership workplace fundamentals and the role of the senior leader, communicating vision effectively, empowering others, being genuine and intentional, and more.

EQUIPPED: Leading the Room

Leaders are always leading, even if they are not the senior leader in the room. You need to have the confidence that you are prepared for any situation. GREAT Leaders ensures that wherever you go, you will be Equipped to lead in that space, providing great leadership in that context by successfully applying all of your leadership principles to the situation. For Equipped, we focus on assessing the power dynamics of a room, strategies for leading from any position of authority, practicing inclusion and belonging, commanding the room, knowing how to lead through following, and more.

AUTHENTIC: Providing World-Class Service

Quality service is increasingly hard to find in the 21st century marketplace, yet our customers’ expectations have not changed. They expect three things: timeliness, a defect-free product, and being treated well. This last one is the most crucial: how people felt when we served them is what they remember most about their experience with us. At GREAT Leaders, we help you execute on a variety of strategies for growing a reputation of service excellence and a loyal customer base by providing Authentic world-class service that puts your customers first. Our Authentic topics include knowing and responding to customer expectations, practicing consistent servant leadership in action, tools for equipping team members to serve well, helping customers feel valued, and more.

TRANSFORMATIONAL: Creating Healthy, Dynamic Cultures

Every workplace has a culture, and because it is constantly changing, your culture will either be healthy and dynamic or toxic and harmful to the vision you have for your organization. This directly affects your organization’s bottom line: team members who feel valued and empowered are more productive, go beyond what’s expected, and are less likely to leave. GREAT Leaders teaches you to become Transformational in your leadership: you will build an amazing workplace culture that people look forward to participating in every day when they come to work. Becoming Transformational looks at building cultures of honor and empowerment, strengthening and clarifying the senior leader’s cues, achieving generational cohesion on your team, finding and building a great team, practicing healthy feedback, unleashing creativity and innovation, and more.