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There is a lot to know about how to lead with excellence in the 21st Century workplace, and GREAT Leaders is adept at delivering specific, targeted trainings designed to unleash GREAT leadership in your organization. 

GREAT Leaders Trainings
(Currently Offered)

Becoming the Leader Your Team Wants to Follow: focuses on both senior and aspiring leaders, equipping them with hope for today’s changing workplace, as well as the tools they need to effectively lead any team and build healthy, dynamic cultures along the way.

Dynamic Leadership in the 21s Century Workplace: unleashes leaders to fully realize their potential despite the demands and pitfalls of the 21st Century workplace. It explains the role of fear and self-disqualification while equipping listeners with several key strategies for providing powerful, effective leadership wherever they find themselves by replacing fear with confidence and balance.

Creating Cultures of Honor & Empowerment: confronts our increasingly angry, entitled culture and recommends strategies for transforming toxic, unhealthy cultures into honoring, empowering ones that value all team members and foster great innovation and creativity.

Finishing Strong: encourages leaders to end well and finish strong in any scenario or situation. Ending well means doing those important things that must be addressed before the new thing begins. It equips leaders at all levels of an organization by providing strategies and practical suggestions for helping their organizations finish strong, setting themselves, their teams, and their workplace cultures up for greater success in the next season. 

Leading Effectively in a Distrusting World: in a rapidly-changing world where people no longer know what to believe, American workers are increasingly looking for authentic leaders who consistently communicate clear messages that truly resonate with their common-sense values. Good communication begins with your own self-leadership and the way you lead those around you. This talk equips you with the practical tools you need to build trust while leading your team confidently and communicating with your employees effectively in today’s turbulent cultural environment.

Achieving Generational Cohesion on Any Team: this talk takes a deep dive into the characteristics and social habits of each of the five generations currently working in the workplace. It offers key practical suggestions for helping teams of all ages find a common understanding of each other’s worldviews while also encouraging unity through greater connection. It also equips senior leaders with the tools they need to lead each generation effectively.

Kingdom Leadership: this training juxtaposes the common obstacles Christian leaders face with the many promises of God for His people, such as fear and exhaustion, while empowering leaders to join the Lord more fully in His Kingdom-building work by suggesting key strategies for living in the fullness of His calling and destiny for their lives.

If you do not see a talk or training that addresses your issue or context, our team is happy to work with you to craft a specially-tailored one just for you and your team.


GREAT Leaders delivers all of its talks and trainings by offering a variety of training packages: 

Rocket Fuel

Personalized training for emerging leaders who want to strengthen specific leadership areas in their workplace.

Purpose: Strengthening Key Leadership Areas, 1-3 Main Topics
Sessions: In Person or Zoom
Format: Teaching, Classroom, Hosting, Panels, Breakouts
Length: 1 Hour
Works Best For: Lunch & Learns, Team-Building Retreats, Short Seminars, Organizations Focusing on 1-3 Major Issue Areas

Keep Calm and Carry On

Help with a specific issue or crisis.

Purpose: Providing Leadership to a Major Issue, Change, or Crisis Facing the Organization
Sessions: In Person or Zoom
Format: Teaching, Panels, Breakouts
Length: 1-3 Hours
Works Best For: Any Organization Facing a Major Challenge


All day, flexible, and adapted to what you need.

Purpose: Strengthening Key Leadership Areas on Any GREAT Topic Area
Sessions: In Person or Zoom
Format: Keynote, Teaching, Classroom, Hosting, Panels, Breakouts
Length: Up to 4 Hours of Speaking
Works Best For: Keynote Speaking, Conferences, Organizational Retreats or Getaways

Alphabet Soup

Take your team through the entire leadership training for one or more of the GREAT letters (Gritty, Relational, Equipped, Authentic, or Transformational).

Purpose: Extensive Training in 1 or More of the 5 GREAT Leadership Areas
Sessions: In Person or Zoom
Format: Teaching, Classroom, Hosting, Panels, Breakouts
Length: Up to 4 Hours of Speaking Per Letter in GREAT
Works Best For: Organizational Retreats or Getaways, Conferences, Major Team-Building Events, Senior Leader Summits